Nov 26, 2008

Fun - World's 10 most unusual marathons (V.G.Read)

As marathons proliferate, race organizers are working hard to come up with marketing schemes that will set their run apart and draw participants.

Some differentiate themselves with the entertainment along their 26.2 mile (41.2 km) course, or giveaways to runners, while others rely on their course and location to draw runners.

Below is a list of ten quirky marathons:

MARATHON DU MEDOC (Medoc wine region, France)

This marathon passes 50 chateaux, features Bordeaux wine at the water stations along the route, and provides foie gras to runners in need of refueling.

LITTLE ROCK MARATHON (Little Rock, Arkansas)

This race features a "lipstick station" at Mile 26.1, so runners can freshen up before their finisher's picture. The race also boasts the largest finisher's medal, measuring 6.25 inches (15.6 cm) by 4.25 inches (10.6cm).


Half marathon and a full marathon on consecutive weekend days in early January. Runners who complete both get a special "Goofy Medal," named for Disney's famous canine.

FLYING PIG MARATHON (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Popular with first-time marathoners and those who may have said they would run a marathon "when pigs fly." The title also honors the city's hog butchering history.


Takes place deep in the Arctic Circle around the summer solstice, attracting about 40 runners. In 2007, the temperature was -4 F (-25 C). One year, runners donned snow shoes because of a storm.

COUNTRY MUSIC MARATHON (Nashville, Tennessee)

Some 50 country artists perform on 28 stages along the course. A post-race concert was headlined last year by Steve Cropper, a founding member of soul band Booker T. & the MG's.


At 17,000 feet (5,184 metres), it is the highest marathon, taking runners along mountain trails starting at Everest Base Camp.


Retraces the steps of the messenger Pheidippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C. to deliver news of the defeat of Persian invaders.


This race starts with a 3.1-mile (5 km) uphill stretch, includes part of the Great Wall, and takes runners through villages and rice fields.


Two 13.1 mile (20.1 kilometre) loops of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy game reserve.


Tom said...

The Flying Pig Marathon is a great race. I've run it twice now -- and highly recommend it. The course is fairly flat, with the hills early on in the race. Not only is the atmosphere fun, but you get some nice running gear in the goodie bags.

Anonymous said...

wooo have run the Lewa Marathon and it is just the One Must thing to do before you die. It is soo much fun running in the hills and valleys and seeing different set of animals grazing.The atmosphere is breath taking with a clear view of the mountain kenya.

The beautiful about this race is the interaction with virgin nature that you get to enjoy and the big quorums of fun runners who will run,jog and walk with you when your breath is out

Gosh i hear the next one is set for 27th June 09 and am gonna run again for conservation of black rhino. check

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