Nov 30, 2008

India - Labradors play key role in operation

Mumbai: They marched in fearlessly braving bullets and explosives in a terrorist-hit building and in the end played no mean role in securing the premises.

The two sniffer dogs of the National Security Guard (NSG) went about their task with diligence for about 15 hours during the encounter in the Nariman House along with their masters — the commandos.

It was just another day at work for the NSG Labradors who are routinely trained to sniff out unidentified objects and explosives. And they did so in good measure.

But the Labradors found the frenzied ‘welcome’ and the impromptu applause from scores of photographers and TV cameramen a little too hot to handle when they emerged from the building accompanied by their trainers.

The dogs also showed signs of discomfort as flash bulbs continued to pop and were reluctant to move forward. They made sure to stay close to their trainers.

Four hostages and an NSG Major were killed in the Nariman House encounter and the elite commandos killed two terrorists. The commandos also received a rousing welcome from the locals when they came out after the operation.

Shouts of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram’ reverberated in the narrow lanes of the area when the commandos emerged from the gruelling 15-hour-long final assault on the terrorists.

Mixed emotions

The fatigue compounded by the tragedy of losing two of their men was clearly evident on their faces but the joy of the success of the mission more than neutralised the hard grind. — PTI

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