Nov 30, 2008

India - Ratan Tata asserts his resolve

Mumbai: Tata Group chief Ratan Tata visited the Taj Hotel on Saturday, shortly after three terrorists were gunned down by the National Security Guard in a gunbattle on Saturday morning, to take stock of the situation.

He was accompanied by senior officials of the Taj Hotel, including Krishna Kumar, and surveyed the complex that include a heritage block that was devastated by fires at many places set off during the gun battle between ultras and the security guards.

The 529-room Taj Hotel was the centre of deadly 60-hour-long attack on the country’s financial capital.

After fire erupted from some portions of ground, first and second floors, at least three fire tenders were pushed in to douse the flames.

Many businessmen killed

Many prominent businessmen and corporate executives, including Yes Bank chairman Ashok Kapur, Sunil Parekh and developer Pankaj Shah, were killed in the terrorist attacks at Taj and another luxury hotel Oberoi (Trident).

When contacted, Taj spokesperson said “some representatives of hotel have been allowed to go in but Mr.Tata is still outside.”

“We must stand together, shoulder to shoulder as citizens of India, and rebuild what has been destroyed. We must show that we cannot be disabled or destroyed, but that such heinous act will only make us stronger,” he had said as the attacks started. — PTI

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