Dec 3, 2008

Business - Mobile Koran launched in Israel

Washington, December 2 (ANI): An Israeli mobile phone provider has started a Koran text service that enables users to tap into verses of choice from the Holy Book at will.

Pelephone has revealed that those subscribers to the service have the Koran available onscreen so that they can scroll through chapter and verse.

The service is available for the modest sum of 1.50dollar per month

"We are providing something to subscribers who want to be connected to these texts any time and any place. So naturally we are targeting a population that would use this type of service. Our Arab sector customers are very enthusiastic," Fox News quoted Pelephone Product Content Director Moti Cohen as saying.

"We offer services to Israel's entire population - Arab and Jew - and the Arab sector makes up about 15 percent of our client base. In this market almost every person has a mobile phone. Why wouldn't we offer something like this when the Bible service has been so popular?" he added.

Pelephone had launched the "Bible Service" last year to target religious Jewish mobile phone users. It enables clients to download and page through a virtual copy of the Old Testament.

Cohen points out that the country's Jewish community might be barred by religious law from surfing the Web or using data services in general, those rules do not apply to Muslims.

"The Arab sector is pretty adherent and many work outside the house and pray five times a day. So we expect a high percentage of our Arab customers to opt for this feature," he said.

He even rejected the suggestion that mobile religion was a viral phenomenon. (ANI)

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