Dec 9, 2008

Entertainment - Akshay & Number 7

Kunal M Shah

Numerologically, Akshay Kumar has changed his loyalties from number 9 to 7. It is a well known fact in Bollywood that Akshay is a great believer in rounding off numbers in his life; whether they are film agreements, auspicious dates or even his remuneration to his lucky number 9. Akshay’s birthday also falls on September 9. However, it seems that of late, his loyalty has shifted to the number 7. He has requested Shailendra Singh of Percept Picture Company to shift the release date of the animated film Jumbo by a week, to December 25, so that it adds up to his new lucky number 7.

Shailendra Singh, Joint MD, Percept Picture Company said, “Yes it is true that Akshay requested Jumbo’s release to be postponed by a week, from December 18 to December 25. The release date now rounds off to number 7. Incidentally, even I am a number 7 so I was more than willing to change the date by a week. If Akshay thinks that the number 7 is lucky for him and the film, we second his belief.”

Incidentally, even Chandni Chowk to China will release on January 16, which is a number 7. The grand premiere of the film which will be in LA is scheduled to be on January 7. Sources close to the production house say that the premiere was initially planned for January 8, but Akshay brought it forward to January 7.

Rohan Sippy, producer of Chandni Chowk to China, said, “Yes we are having the premiere of the film in LA on January 7. There are lots of things that need to fall in place before the release date and if Akshay believes that January 7 will prove lucky for the film then so be it. The premiere date and the release date have been fixed in the best interest of the film. We even had a meeting with Askhay about the same however I believe that any date for a film release starring Akshay Kumar is auspicious.Take the example of Singh is Kinng. It was released on August 8, but it is one of the biggest blockbusters of 2008. As far as 7 being Akshay’s lucky number is concerned, Akshay is the best person to answer it.”

The only number 7 we can think of in Akshay’s life is his co-star with whom he has made a very successful pair… Katrina Kaif, whose birthday is July 16.

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