Dec 4, 2008

Lifestyle - Now, high-heeled shoes for babies!

The latest item to be added to the ongoing fashion trend has been revealed as being high-heel shoes for babies. Fashion goes to new heights with high-heeled shoes for babies (Getty Images)

The tiny designer footwear, which is made by US firm Heelarious, comes in different garish colours, from bright pink to leopardskin, and priced at 19.99 pounds a pair.

The shoes have been specifically made for little girls aged up to six months, and the “sassy heels” have been described as bringing “fun, hilarity and glamour” to dressing up.

The shoes, which are made from soft material, taking the children’s tender feet into consideration, are being sold in Britain by the Heels For Her website.

Julia Taylor, 36, who spotted the shoes on a US website, bought a pair for her 14-month-old daughter Bethany. “They are fun and look great,” the Sun quoted Taylor of Bexley, Kent, as saying. “A few mums say they are dangerous but most change their minds when they realise they are soft and comfy,” she said.

But, according to Prima Baby magazine’s editor Elaine Griffiths, not all parents are comfortable with the fashion accessory.

“Many parents feel uncomfortable with putting babies in high heels — especially with the adult nature of the fabrics,” Griffiths added.

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