Dec 9, 2008

Mktg - Listen to Radio One in Tata Sky+ style

Now, Radio One listeners can pause, rewind or fast-forward their favourite shows, courtesy the radio station and Tata Sky+. For 21 days starting this week, the radio station’s listeners will be able to control what they listen to in terms of content, music and even advertising. The marketing innovation is aimed at highlighting the benefits of Tata Sky+.

In an official communiquĂ©, Raj Gopal Iyer, station head, West, Radio One, says, “During each show, the radio jockeys (RJs) will inform the listeners that the Tata Sky+ remote has been activated and that they now have the power to control the content to which they are listening. Listeners can SMS their requests to pause, record or rewind to activate the function.”

Vikrant Mudaliar, assistant vice-president, brand marketing, Tata Sky, says, “Maxus and Radio One have teamed up to create a great innovation to drive home the key message of Tata Sky+. Apart from the interesting RJ innovation for the pause and record features, there is also a rewind innovation, which establishes the relevance of the product feature.”

Mudaliar adds, “This is the first time that listeners are being given the power to control the music that is being played on radio.”

All through the three-week promotional period, the RJs will stop shows abruptly with the Tata Sky+ Pause feature during the course of an RJ link and wait for the listener to activate Unpause before they resume. If they receive a Rewind SMS request, the RJs will repeat the last 20-30 seconds of content. If there is a Record request, they will interrupt the day’s broadcast with a recorded link or a previous day’s content from the same show.

Radio One will also run a contest which will give listeners an opportunity to win co-branded Tata Sky+-Radio One CDs of their favourite shows or segments autographed by the RJs.

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