Dec 9, 2008

Sport - 'Rogan Josh' is Ronaldo's secret formula for success!

London, December 8 (ANI): The secret behind Cristiano Ronaldo's success on the pitch has been revealed, and it has nothing to do with extra practice - infact it's hot 'n spicy curries!

The ace footballer's craze for Rogan Josh dishes has led Sir Anam Islam, owner of the restaurant "Ignite - The Authentic Taste Of Raj", to believe that the megastar's winning formula lies in the dish named after him.

Sir Anam revealed that the Manchester United player loved the tangy gravies so much that he decided to introduce The Ronaldo Rogan Josh on the menu.

He further said that the Portuguese star, recently titled as the European Footballer of the Year, was quite a regular at the local curry house in Congleton, Cheshire.

"He only lives about a mile from the restaurant. He comes in and also has takeaways from us," the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

The restaurateur, whose other loyal customers such as David Backham, Roy Keane and Mark Hughes, added it was his 'Taste of Raj' that did the trick for the football giants.

He said: "Manchester United players have been coming to Taste Of Raj since we first opened in 1990. I like to think our healthy dishes have added some fire to the players' bellies and helped them win trophies."

Ronaldo, in the last season, had scored 42 goals helping United win a Premier League and Champions League double. (ANI)

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