Jan 6, 2009

Business - R-Com GSM crosses 100,000 subscribers on first day

Mumbai, Jan 5 (IANS) Reliance Communications, an Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group company, crossed 100,000 subscribers on the first day of the launch of its service in Mumbai, the company said in a statement Monday.

'The high volume sales can be attributed to the company's aggressive strategy,' an R-Com spokesperson said in the statement.

The company is offering up to 100 percent savings to sub-Rs.300 ARPU (average revenue per person) mobile customers at a one-time subscription charge (including GSM SIM) of Rs.25.

The plan offers Rs.900 worth of talk time on local calls and SMS to any network that can be accrued by Reliance Mobile GSM customers in daily tranches of Rs.10 spread over 90 days.

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cparamesh2001 said...

Good. Congrats for all you RCOMMITES.