Jan 5, 2009

India - Omar Abdullah to go Kalam way on internet

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir’s Chief Minister Omar Abdullah hopes to take a leaf out of former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s people-friendly approach by personally replying to e-mails sent by citizens having any grievances.
The internet savvy 38 year old National Conference president said that he will put a system in place so that the general public could directly send him e-mails.
“I will be asking my technical team to create a system whereby the general public would be ready to e-mail me their grievances directly,” Abdullah said.
Abdullah is among a growing set of young Indian politicians who are active on the world wide web with social networking profiles and online portfolios used to connect mainly to the youths.
For the majority of people in Jammu and Kashmir without any access to the internet, Abdullah said that he would make sure that they can write to him directly or even meet him.
There willalso be a mechanism under which the pending files of people move in a timely manner.
Omar’s display of oratorial skills on 22 July during the Congress’ trust vote in Parliament won him a huge fan following on the video sharing portal YouTube.
He also wrote weblogs and has a profile in one of the popular social networking sites.
Kalam, during his tenure as the country’s President, was known for personally replying to e-mails send to him by citizens, a large section of whom were school going students.

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