Jan 13, 2009

India - TTs in Shatabadi get palmtops

Nidhi Singhi

LUDHIANA: In order to provide ultramodern facilities to the railway employees, the authorities have equipped the ticket checkers of Shatabadi
Express 2030, with palmtops that have helped them to complete their work easily. Till now, this facility has been provided in this train only, but the authorities are planning to extend it in other trains too.

Delhi headquarter has provided this facility to all the ticket checkers on duty in Swarna Shatabadi and the department is considering the possibility of extending the facility to several other trains. This would reduce the work load of the railway department as well as increase their efficiency.

One of the employees at the reservation centre said the facility to the ticket checkers in Shatabadi has helped them to complete their work in half the usual time. He said earlier, they had to prepare charts for the TTs, but now they just need to transfer data from their main server to these palmtops, which includes information regarding the passengers travelling in the train. This makes it easy for the TTs to check tickets of the passengers. He said it has also helped them to register all information directly with the department and papers are just prepared for records' sake.

Dharmendra Kumar, senior divisional commercial manager (DCM) said they had provided these palmtops to the ticket checkers in Shatabadi around three months back on trial basis, but now as it is helping the department, they are thinking of providing this service in other express trains too. This way it would become easier for them to check the passengers as well as to keep their records.

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