Jun 25, 2008

Day 3 is over !

Day 3 is over ! Got stuck with a meeting & certain other discussions.Good things about meetings are they have started serving banana chips.ha ha
Coming back to the posts , think i did pretty ok for a day which was supposed to ensure i get stuck in a room for 11 hours feeding on Pizzas,Chips & a helluva lot of crap!
Have been trying to bring in variety to the posts with articles which would appeal to everyone who wants to read a thing or two.Think we have tried learning everything from the sports to politics to brand to the oil prices to inflation to the world that we live in.
Think we will be touching on the 100 post mark tommorrow.So iam hoping there will be a few good articles leading up to the momentus occassion ;-) .Time just crossed 20.01 ,so i think i will call it quits
So till tommorrow,happy reading !

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