Jul 11, 2008

Entertainment - Brand Mallika

Mallika Sherawat has now become the first Bollywood actress to have a trademark of her own name. It means that henceforth no one can use her name for publicity or for any other commercial purpose without her consent.

Our sources say, “Mallika has been at the receiving end in the recent past. She had a problem recently when her name was used in the publicity of the film Welcome, when she had only made a special appearance in the film. To avoid such things happening again in future, Mallika has been contemplating applying for a trademark for her name so that no one can use it for any commercial purpose.”Trademarks are generally distinctive symbols, pictures, or words that sellers affix to distinguish and identify the origin of their products. Mallika's lawyer, Sumit Agrawal confirms the news and says, “Yes, it was long overdue and the formal procedure is currently on. We have laid claim upon the name. It is a common practice in the west and many celebrities in the west have their own trademark. Now no one can use her name or photograph to sell their product. This way she can have her own signature label, perfumes, designer label. In India there is no particular law to curb the misuse of your name. Yet it is unfair. She is a successful actress and model and people often use her pictures and name freely.”He further says, “Mallika is a brand and a brand with tremendous value. She is now exercising her right to protect her private life, commercial value and commercial interest. It's high time that everyone here does that.”Does that mean that her pictures and her name will not be used in other films, henceforth? He says, “This is also infringement of copyright and it is prohibited. One normally has to take permission for using her poster in the background or using her name in the film. These instances are increasing. Now the trademark will prevent this.”

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