Jul 24, 2008

World - New Natural Wonders of the World -1

1.Surtsey Island, IcelandFormed by volcanic eruptions in the 1960's, Surtsey was declared a natural reserve in 1965, allowing only a limited number of scientists to the island.

2.Mount Sangingshan National Park, ChinaLocated in eastern China's Jiangxi province, Sangingshan contains an array of forested and fantastically shaped granite pillars and peaks concentrated in a relatively small area.

3.Monarch Butterfly Biosphere, MexicoEvery year, millions of monarch butterflies wait for the end of the winter season in close-packed clusters in the Oyamel fir forests.

4.Sardona Tectonic Arena, SwitzerlandAn object of fascination for over 200 years, the region features a break in the Earth's crust, where older rocks rest above younger formations.

5.Joggins Fossil Cliffs, CanadaThe most complete known fossil record of terrestrial life, Joggins is over 300 million years old. The remains of the first reptiles are visible here.