Aug 22, 2008

Entertainment - I don't rule out forming a band;Farhan Akhtar

After playing a musician in Rock on, director-turned-actor Farhan Akhtar says that the film has changed his attitude towards rock music and he might form his own band.


Your new long-haired rocker's look is rocking.
Thanks. But I don't have the same look throughout Rock On. There're two looks, actually defining the two phases in my character's life, one with long hair and the other short.

Today are you more enthusiastic about rock music than ever before?
Yes, thanks to my music composer Shankar I know I can sing. And I can write songs too. My entire take on rock music has been tweaked after this film. Music was something I had put aside to make movies. Somehow I earlier felt there was only so much creative energy allotted to your life and only that much time to pursue your creativity. But I was wrong. It's amazing how much the human mind and body can do and achieve. Now I want to pursue music keenly.

In what way?
I want to start writing songs and working with a couple of my musician-friends who are more talented than I am. Like Randold from Pentagram and many other musician friends.

Are you telling me you are planning to form your own music band?
I don't rule that out. If ever there was a desire in me to be part of a music band, it's now. I wouldn't like to ignore this desire in me now because two years from now I'll regret it.

Would you say at this point of time your impulse for music and cinema are equally strong?
Yes, I'd have to agree with that. For Rock On, we not only acted as rock musicians, we also went into the studio to record songs and jammed live to get the concert feel right. All of this opened that long-shut door within me. Now it feels like the right time to pursue my dreams as a musician.

You've a lot to be thankful to your Rock On director Abhishek (Gattu) Kapoor for.
Oh yes! He had no idea I could sing or even play the guitar when he offered me the role. He didn't have a clue I was so heavily into rock music. I don't know what led him to me apart from bad directions.

You do look like a rock musician.
Gattu did say that my voice whenever I spoke reminded him of the lead singer of a band called Coldplay. That was the kind of voice he said he was looking to play the lead in Rock On.

Would you allow your passion for music to override your other big talent?
No, I know making movies gives me the greatest satisfaction. But at the moment I'm enjoying music thoroughly. It's very important to enjoy whatever you do in life. I'm looking forward to directing Voice From The Sky and Don 2.

Nothing gives me more creative satisfaction than directing movies. But music is at the moment very important. If it wasn't for Rock On I wouldn't have gone into singing and performing live. Rock On is very special. It's very fortunate that I got this role.

You've no reference points as an actor.
There never will be any reference points. Every character will have to be played anew. But people whose judgement I trust have liked my performance in Rock On. Shabana (Azmi), for one. To have extremely talented people liking my performance reassures me. I feel I made the right decision by going into acting.

So right now, are you looking for reassurance?
I very rarely go out looking for anything. You can't expect anything from anyone. I don't ever want to put people in a spot by seeking their approval.

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