Nov 28, 2008

Entertainment - Triffids returning to television

A new television adaptation of classic sci-fi story The Day of The Triffids is being made by the BBC.

The drama, about menacing plants taking over the world, will be shown in two feature-length episodes next year.

Casting for the show, which will be adapted by ER screenwriter Patrick Harbinson, has yet to be decided.

The BBC has made three TV versions of John Wyndham's classic, the most recent being in 1981. Four radio dramas have also been produced.

The most recent was in 2001, when two hour-long episodes were broadcast on the BBC World Service.

End of humankind

The new incarnation of the Triffids with their fatal sting will be shown in High Definition for the first time.

It is billed as a "fast-paced, futuristic and electrifying take" on Wyndham's work.

Julie Gardner, head of drama at BBC Wales said: "We're hoping to attract a legion of new fans as well as give nightmares to a new generation of viewers."

Set in 2011, millions of people are blinded when they observe a solar storm, leading to a breakdown in civilisation.

The Triffids, a fuel-producing plant crop, escape captivity and begin to breed rapidly and attack people.

It is up to Dr Bill Masen to fight against them to prevent the end of humankind.

The new adaptation is due to start filming in London and the south-east later this year

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