Jan 14, 2009

Entertainment - Bloggers fire back after Tina Fey's 'suck it' comment at Golden Globes

New York, January 13 (ANI): Tina Fey's "suck it" comment about a trio of Internet haters in her Golden Globes acceptance speech Sunday night boomeranged, with the bloggers firing back with more negative comments.

Fey blasted three LA Times message board writers - DianeFan, Cougar-Letter and BabsonLacrosse - for their negative comments after winning the Golden Globe for best actress in a TV comedy series for her role as Liz Lemon on NBC's "30 Rock".

She slammed the trio by saying that they could all "suck it".

However, soon after her televised speech, Cougar-Letter posted a taunt on The Envelope message board.

"Give me something to suck on," the New York Daily News quoted the blogger as writing.

DianeFan also fired back, saying: "I'm famous. She mentioned BabsonLacrosse too. Sorry Tina Fey but I still don't think you deserved to win."

The three names make regular appearances on O'Neil's entertainment blog, The Envelope.

However, some think that DianeFan and Cougar-Letter are the same person. (ANI)

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