Jan 14, 2009

Entertainment - Salman or Akshay better suited for 'Ghajini': Aamir

Mumbai (PTI): Aamir Khan, who has got rave reviews for his film "Ghajini", says he felt someone well- built like Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar was more suited for the lead role. "When I was first offered the film, I was sceptic and felt that Salman or Akshay with a well-built body could do better. But, it was Surya, the lead actor in the Tamil version, who convinced me that only I could do justice to the role. That is how I got the confidence to go ahead," Aamir said.

The actor, who turned director with the critically acclaimed "Taare Zameen Par", said when he reads a script he likes to react to it like any movie-goer. "For me, the feeling that my hard work has been appreciated is priceless as I go by my instinct while choosing a script. When I hear a script, I react as an audience," the actor said during the success party of "Ghajini", which crossed Rs 200 crore worldwide recently.

Aamir said it is difficult to define any film's potential. "I did 'Taare Zameen Par' because I loved the story. I had no idea that it would do the business that it eventually did," Aamir said. The actor, however, admitted that film's success had put him under pressure to deliver better in future.

"Success is not in my hands. I can only follow my heart and work with all the sincerity and hard work that I always do. I would be happy if my next film '3 Idiots' breaks all 'Ghajini' records," he said.

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