Jan 14, 2009

Sport - Formula One boss Ron Dennis tells tribunal that he is not a racist

London, Jan.13 (ANI): The head of Lewis Hamilton's Formula One team today described allegations that he was racist as "lies that have damaged my reputation".

Ron Dennis, chairman of the McLaren team, denied claims made by a former steward that he was a racist and a bully. Peter Boland claimed last week that the tycoon had boarded his luxury executive jet in the Middle East and said that he must wash his hands because he had been "shaking hands with Arabs all day".

Dennis, whose wealth is estimated at 100 million pounds, said that he had come to an employment tribunal in Southampton to rectify the accusations.

The 61-year-old told the hearing that he had never made the racist remark and that he regularly washed his hands.

"It's an absolute lie. It's the most ridiculous thing," he said, explaining that he washed his hands a lot for health reasons. (ANI)

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