Jan 14, 2009

World - US;Newspapers plan special issues for Obama inauguration

New York, Jan 14 (DPA) Many US newspapers are planning special commemorative issues to mark the Jan 20 inauguration of Barack Obama as president, the trade journal Editor and Publisher reported.

The Washington Post is to cover the event with more than 70 reporters and plans to put out a special afternoon edition of the paper on the day of the inauguration. The paper will hit newsstands by 6 p.m. and will sell for $2.

Reflecting what is expected to be intense demand for the historic publications, the Washington Post is making the commemorative editions available in advance for $9.95, the trade journal reported Tuesday.

Obama's hometown paper the Chicago Tribune also plans a special afternoon edition. Special sections are also planned for the two days preceding the event.

The New York Times plans to almost double its print run on the day following the inauguration, with an extra 950,000 copies. The Times and the Post are also publishing special Sunday magazines devoted to the inauguration, while USA Today plans a special 48-page magazine-style publication for sale at $4.95, with special sections Jan 20 and 21.

On the day after Obama's Nov 4, 2008 election, people stood in line outside newspaper offices for hours at a time over several days to buy the Nov 5 editions, which went into multiple reprints in major cities around the country.

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