Jul 17, 2008

Fun - Lassi outscores Exotic Drinks

Punjab's household drink Lassi has outscored other exotic drinks in a unique entrepreneurship competition held in Europe.
'Lassi' was named the best beverage drink at the "Know Europe-2008" entrepreneurship programme in which a 20-year-old student from Chandigarh, Taman Raj Singh, represented India.
The month-long programme, organised under the aegis of Normandy Business School of France, aimed at assessing the entrepreneurship acumen of business school students around the world.
The invitees were asked to give marketing presentation of beverages famous in their countries and Taman chose the traditional Punjabi drink.
His presentation was a mix of tradition and modernity - the age-old lassi in Verka's tetra packs. It impressed the judges immensely and got a high grading of 90 per cent.
And the reason why none other beverage matched lassi was its unique qualities - a mix of simplicity, flavour and health.
"It was not very difficult to convince people that lassi, a simple mixture of yogurt and water, was a healthy drink that could be consumed by people of all ages, infants and patients, without hitch. And what's more, it can be had sweet, salt, spicy or even plain," Taman said.
Lassi outscored exotic wines, fancy coffees - lattes and cappuccino in the competition that was held last month at four places in Brussels, the Netherlands, France and Spain.

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