Jul 17, 2008

Mktg - Pizza hut completes brand transformation

Pizza Hut, a company in the casual dining space, has announced the rollout of a brand transformation strategy in India. The transformation involves the launch of an ‘enhanced dine-in’ concept in the casual dining segment. This includes a new upgraded look as well as a new logo and a tagline that fit perfectly with the brand’s evolution.
The new enhanced dine-in concept would serve to define and cement Pizza Hut’s leadership in the casual dining space and make it stand apart in the country’s highly competitive and fast evolving marketplace.
Commenting on this initiative, Niren Chaudhary, Managing Director, Yum! Restaurants India, said, “This transition in our strategy signifies an important turning point for Pizza Hut in India. As a business, we have been present in the country since 1996 and are recognised as the brand with an Indian heart. We have popularised the concept of casual dining in this country. However, in the Indian market, we have always been wrongly compared and pitted against other pizza delivery chains or even quick service restaurants, which are segments which Pizza Hut is not a part of. The introduction of the enhanced dine-in concept will distinctly position us in the casual dining segment and reinforce our leadership in the space.”
He further said, “We are, therefore, very happy to unveil our first restaurant that embraces the concept of enhanced dine-in in Mumbai today (June 16). Mumbai diners will be the first in the country to experience an evolved dining environment at Pizza Hut. Rolling out the enhanced dine-in concept across the country will be Pizza Hut’s focus over the next few years.”
As part of its transformation strategy that further accentuates its casual dining positioning, Pizza Hut will now sport a new logo and tagline that brings alive the true essence of the brand. The new tagline, ‘Stories Happen’, captures the spirit of Pizza Hut as a place where people bond, forge strong friendships and create great memories while sharing good food.
The enhancement project also includes an asset upgrading programme that will modernise the look and feel of Pizza Hut with an enhanced décor package over the next three years. This will cost Rs 50 crore, and begin with Mumbai and Delhi, before moving on to Pune, Chandigarh and Bangalore.
Pizza Hut’s brand transformation strategy of ‘Enhanced Dine- In’ concept is part of a global re-imaging exercise that has already been successfully implemented in countries such as Hong Kong and the UK.
Milind Pant, Chief Marketing Officer, Yum! Restaurants India, said, “In India, prior to implementing this new concept, the brand had carried out extensive consumer research to test the concept and customise the décor and food to appeal to local tastes while retaining an international casual dining look and feel. The new experience Pizza Hut will differentiate us from fast food and fine dining to dominate the mid-segment of casual dining. Pizza Hut is a brand that holds a special place in people’s memories and relationships, and our enhancement programme will only serve to strengthen that bond between the brand and its customers.”
The brand transformation exercise is expected to have tremendous business impact on the Pizza Hut business in India and beginning with its new Juhu restaurant, the company is projecting a growth of 25 per cent in unit sales due to this initiative. The parent company, Yum! Restaurants India, is effectively the only large global brand operating in India across three channels – casual dining brand Pizza Hut, its delivery format and QSR (quick service restaurant) brand, KFC.