Jul 4, 2008

Lifestyle - Trading Faces

Marks, admissions, wardrobe, cosmetic surgery.. students starting college have a new list of priorities. Cosmetic surgeons have reported a significant rise in the number of students who want a little nip and tuck before venturing into campus land. The demand is highest for nose jobs, ear surgery scar removals and , liposuction. “Most youngsters who come for these procedures are between 18 and 21,” says Dr Anup Dhir, senior cosmetic surgeon, who receives about 20 inquries in a month.
Dr Dhir’s most recent client was a 17-year-old boy, who came in for gynecomastia (male breast reduction). Girls in their late teens come for breast augmentation and boys for breast reduction and perma nent removal of chest hair.
“Most male models have to take off their shirts, so an extra-hairy chest is a bit of an embarrassment,” says the doctor. “However, the demand is highest for mole removals and nose jobs.” Celeb lookalikes Dr Vimal Malik, cosmetic surgeon, says that more and more teens are asking for rhinoplasty (nose job), tummy tuck and lip reduction and enhancement. “Some youngsters want to resemble celebrities. They say ‘I want to join the college fashion society or a sports contest and want the Sania Mirza’s look’.” Harpreet Kaur, 19, who comes from a small town in the north, says that she was called ‘makkhi kudi’ in school because of a big mole on her nose. Before she joined a city college, her uncle had the mole surgically removed.
Suhani Shetty, student, opted for cosmetic surgery to see a ‘dramatic’ change in her appearance. “I was 70 kilos. I got liposuction done in the morning, was discharged in the evening and continued with my everyday life the next day Now, I’m 60 kilos, and on . cloud nine.” Expensive fix Depressed youngsters are using surgery as a crutch said Dr Rahul Chandhok, consultant psychiatrist:“Even if surgery is performed it won’t satisfy them. Expert counselling is required.” Cosmetic surgery doesn’t comes with a price, of course. Liposuction costs around Rs 40,000, an ear job Rs 25,000 and male breast reduction Rs 40,000. However, parents are enthusiastically funding these surgeries, says Dr Dhir. An alternative When they don’t, students work in call centers to raise the money. Some even come in without parental consent, little realising that surgery cannot be performed without their written go-ahead.
Dr Dhir concludes, “One should not resort to surgery because it is easier, quicker and effective. A regular exercise routine and a weight control can do the trick for most.”

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