Jul 2, 2008

Week 2 - Day 3 is over !

The last couple of days have been a lil ordinary when it comes to posts.Travelled to tvm yesterday,today got stuck with Mammooty for a lil over 3 hours.So didn't get quality time to read/post.Will make amends for the lazy first half of the week.I promise !Time is 1904 hrs IST now.Paramesh celebrates his 3rd anniversary today,so here's wishing him a Happy anniversary.
Hope everyone testing waters ( checking out the blog) liked what they saw & will be back ready to read more.My bro comments/wonders if iam jobless looking at the number of posts he saw the last week.ha ;-)
So till tommorrow - Here is wishing all of you a fun filled evening & a good night's sleep.
Happy Readin!

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