Jul 9, 2008

Week 3 - Day 3 is over


It's been a while since i wrote.Wonder why ? Think the posts are looking more organised now with the keywords added in.We are also trying to post varied topics which caters to different kinds of people.Guess the keywords also helps you to read things you feel like reading at that hour.Have made a few changes in the last couple of days,changed the background color ( in consultation with paramu),also increased the font size to ensure people don't go blind,ha.We also crossed 300 posts yesterday,that was good.I guess we have had 10 active days of posting articles,so 30 per day is a good average.It will be good if we can maintain the 25-30 good posts a day average.Hope to continue at this pace.Time now is 1913 hrs IST.We have a meeting scheduled for the first half of the day,so will be posting articles post lunch.Till then,Happy readin!


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Anonymous said...

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