Aug 2, 2008

Fun - Food for sex

Cloves : If you thought they were good enough as mouth-fresheners only, think again. Cloves are the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs and are also effective against mental and physical fatigue. So the next time your partner complains of being tired when you are in the mood, just feed him/her some cloves.

Ginger : They don't just add flavour to your dishes, but can also excite your senses. It has been used in drinks and when taken in reasonable doses, it can cause healthy hot flashes.

Garlic : The thought of a garlic smelling mouth is hardly a turn-on, but then to get something you need to give up something. The heat in garlic is said to stir sexual desires. So the next time your partner stuffs your dish with garlic, you know what is playing on their mind.

Tomatoes : Now we know why this vegetable is a must in almost all Indian dishes. Our ancestors surely knew what they were doing when they made all those recipes. Tomatoes have been associated with goddesses Venus and Aphrodite. Paired with other sensual flavours like, basil and mint they can create a lot of heat and passion.

Coriander : They can not only spice up your curries but also your sex life. Dried coriander seeds have an euphoric effect especially on women. So the next time you go vegetable shopping don't forget to stock up some extra coriander.

Onion : Remember how widows in ancient India were asked to refrain from using onion and garlic in their food. Well, with the kind of lives these women were expected to lead they couldn’t afford to have their sexual desires kindled. In France, centuries ago, newlyweds were fed onion soup on their wedding day to restore their sexual energy.

Horseradish : If you like ‘muli-ke parathe’ you are in luck. Feed your physical and sexual hunger with this vegetable. The pulp of horseradish is said to have aphrodisiac properties.

Carrots : Well, here's an excuse to have another bowl of ‘gajar ka halwa’. This phallus shaped vegetable is said to be a stimulant for men. In ancient Middle Eastern royalty they were used to aid seduction.

Bananas : Who would have thought that this fruit, so commonly available round the year, would have such properties? Your humble ‘kela’, is much more than a nutritious fruit. The banana flower with its phallic shape is partially responsible for its popularity as an aphrodisiac food. Banana is also rich in potassium and vitamin B which are a necessity for sex hormone production.

Grapes : This is one fruit which has often figured as food of love. Pictures of lovers teasing and feeding each other with grapes are quite common. But now we know why. Related to Dionysus, wine and fertility, grapes have long been considered the food of Gods.

Saffron : Often used as a flavour in many Indian sweet dishes, these orange flakes, better known in India as ‘kesar’ has stimulating effects on the erogenous zones. Studies have proven that saffron has the same effect as hormones.

So you see, getting yourself or your partner into the right mood is not that difficult or expensive. While scented candles, massage oils and caviar are always a welcome treat, for the not-so-special occasions you can give always peep into your refrigerator or your vegetable basket for some help.

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