Aug 1, 2008

Me - Long time

Hi All,

Long time since i posted.Guess the reason for the same being,i was too held up reading tat writing too the backseat.I have been getting comments on the blog from people i don't personally know.That is good news ,especially considering the fact that i haven't even spread the word about me blogging even to my college groups.So thank you everyone who left a message.

As for the content in the blog, we have tried to bring in quality content & i believe we are on the right track.I have been reading more,rejecting more & trying to post only articles which i feel are worth your time.I get regular feedback from my friend & colleague paramu on topics he enjoys reading.So have tried to take that into account.He is been asking me to slow down the pace of reading ,or else he just might lose interest seeing the huge number of posts.ha

Going forward we will try to bring in more fun,entertainment content for the blog so that people who prefer light reading also stay interested.

This week is been good,Last week i had fair amount of work at office & also had a lil bit of travelling ,hence the dip in number of posts. Iam hoping people readin the blog are liking whatever they are seeing. Do feel free to tell me new sites which you would want me to include to the reading list.

I think i will stop here and let you enjoy reading other content.

Take care and Happy readin

SZri ( I kinda like the SZ look,ha)

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