Nov 22, 2008

Mktg - McDonald's launches new flavour of French fries

NEW DELHI: McDonald’s has launched a new flavour of French fries by the name Shake-Shake Fries.

Shake-Shake Fries has been introduced for a limited period only, from 20 November to 31 December, 2008.

Says McDonald’s head marketing – North and East India Jyoti Rakheja, “Launch of Shake-Shake Fries is a part of our continuous endeavour to deliver great taste and value to our customers. With the newly launched Fries, it's not just about the flavour, but also about the experience of popping the fries into the bag, adding a chatpata seasoning in it and shaking it up and down. It is an extension of the basic French fries with an added flavour to it. The idea is get the consumers to have fun while enjoying their favourite fries.”

Leo Burnett has created the 25-second television commercial that introduces the new flavour of fries.

The newly launched fries will be available across 155 McDonald’s restaurants at a price of Rs 60 for large fries and Rs 55 for medium fries.

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