Nov 22, 2008

Tech - Gadget that gives drivers 360-degree view around their car

London, Nov 20 (ANI): Constantly checking the side-view and rear-view mirrors to ensure your car doesn't get a scratch could soon become a thing of the past, thanks to scientists who have developed a gadget that

ves drivers a 360 degree view around their car.

The gadget, developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, uses four external cameras to produce a 3-D image on the dashboard.

According to the makers, the device is expected to become available in the next three years and will cost between 500 pounds and 1,000 pounds.

"It is basically video technology where you put cameras on the four corners of the car and it creates a 3D image," the Telegraph quoted a spokesman, as saying.

"Each camera would capture its surrounding view and it's this that is used to create the picture.

"It would be viewed on a screen in a car on a sat nav type device or set into a dashboard.

"It would allow the drive to view all around the car while driving or stationary," he added.

The gadget adapts to different driving situations, allowing the motorist to view the entire surroundings of a vehicle, from the point of view and field of view that is most appropriate for each situation.

Fujitsu said it would improve road safety by helping drivers in parking, passing on a narrow street, and seeing around tricky corners. (ANI)

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