Dec 15, 2008

Entertainment - 'American Idol' top TV show in the US for 2008: Nielsen

MUMBAI: US media research company Nielsen has released a year-end look at the most popular trends among Americans during 2008. American Idol occupied the top two slots among television shows with a 15.5 and 15.3 per cent rating.

Another reality show, Dancing With The Stars, occupied the next two slots with a 12.3 and 11.4 per cent rating.

In terms of specials which aired once, the Superbowl occupied the top two slots with a 42.1 and 30.1 per cent rating. The Olympics, which aired on NBC, came in fourth with a 20 per cent rating. The opening ceremony got an 18.8 per cent rating. The Oscar Awards were in seventh position with an 18.1 per cent rating.

The top websites were Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Microsoft. The Dark Knight topped the film list by taking in over $500 million. Ironman and Indiana Jones 4 came next with a take of over 300 million. Hancock, Wall E and Kung Fu Panda took in over $200 million each.

In terms of DVD sales the top five sellers were Ironman, I Am legend, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Enchanted and National Treasure 2.

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