Dec 17, 2008

Entertainment - Hallelujah set for chart trinity

Jeff Buckley's version of the song Hallelujah is set to shoot up the singles chart after X Factor winner Alexandra Burke released her own cover.

According to midweek sales Buckley's version, from the 1994 album Grace, is set to be number three, but Burke's single will debut at number one.

Burke, 20, has already broken the record for the fastest-selling download single in Europe.

The original Leonard Cohen version of the song is currently at number 34.

If Buckley's cover climbs any higher, this could mean two versions of the same song sitting at number one and number two in the Christmas charts.

"I don't think this has ever happened in UK charts history, and certainly not for Christmas," HMV's Gennaro Castaldo said.

However, there has been one occasion when four versions of the same song have entered the UK top 40 - but you have to go back to 1955.

On 20 June, 1955 Al Hibbler, The Les Baxter Orchestra, Jimmy Young and Liberace all scored a hit with Unchained Melody, with Young's version topping the chart.

Buckley fans unite

Burke, who was crowned the X Factor winner on Saturday, has shifted 149,546 copies of her single so far this week.

She is beating another X Factor winner Leona Lewis into second place. Lewis' cover of Snow Patrol's Run is the current number one single.

However, fans of Buckley - who died in 1997 at the age of 30 - have united online in various groups and forums in a bid to get their icon to number one this Christmas.

The physical CD single of Burke's version of the song will be available in the shops from Wednesday.

The song itself, which was originally released in 1984, has been covered more than 170 times.

Artists such as John Cale, Bono and Rufus Wainwright have all sung the track.

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