Dec 18, 2008

Entertainment - India;John Abraham goes nude

On his 36th birthday actor John Abraham talks about why he got nude for his latest movie, Kabir Khan's New York. But for all his salivating female fans, the scene is no stuff of dreams.

Set in Philadelphia, New York is set against the backdrop of terrorism and John, a suspected terrorist, is shown naked in a scene where he is tortured in a US prison. As rumours of his bare-all act began doing the rounds, John simply said, "The film is too intense to speak of nudity.

" A source from the unit stated, "John's character is denuded of his dignity - the treatment given to suspects post 9/11. Of course it's a crucial scene to the plot.

" Nudity is not the focus of the scene however. "It's not meant to flaunt John's body, neither to sensationalise the film," he said.

New York also stars Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif and is slated to release in 2009. Despite the meltdown, John seems to be riding high.

No pay cuts looming high? "I can understand if SRK and Akshay Kumar charge the earth for a fee.

they deserve it.

But there were so many undeserving ones who were charging more or less the same fee. I haven't increased my fee even after Dostana clicked.

It doesn't matter." As for his birthday, John adds that Bipasha is more keen on his birthday than he is.

"She organises the celebrations but they are thankfully never over the top. In fact, I like to pretend.

why get me a present guys?.

when I'm actually itching to open them," he said.

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