Dec 16, 2008

Entertainment - The Shield tops Time's best TV shows of 2008

MUMBAI: Time Magazine has declared the seventh season of The Shield as the number one television show of the year. In India, the show airs on AXN.

Calling it a groundbreaking cop show, the magazine notes that it outdid itself in emotional violence, as the bill finally came due for Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) and his years of rationalised corruption. As his partner in crimefighting and graft, Shane (Walton Goggins) turned on him the ensuing spiral of revenge, destroying the very families that the Strike Team had been skimming drug money to provide for.

In Shane's case, his family's destruction was heartbreakingly literal. After seven years, the staggering finale of this drama allowed us to see Mackey's history of misdeeds — and his complicated motivations for them — with fresh eyes. In a word: arresting.

The seventh season kicks off on AXN in March 2009. It unfolds as former leader of the Strike Team Vic Mackey's dirty dealings come to light and his ex-wife Corinne agrees to work with his associates to bring him down.

The second best show was Mad Men. The magazine notes that the phenomenon of 2007 returned just as poignant and wry, and more complex than ever. In third place was The Presidential Election

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