Dec 16, 2008

Lifestyle - Men squeeze into shape-enhancing undies

Shape-enhancing bodysculpting undergarments have long been used by women to get the right look, but it looks like male vanity too is catching up Men are squeezing into undergarments that give extra lift to rears, torsos! (Getty Images)
with the trend.

Among those rushing to buy what is called bodysculpture undergarments are sacked City bankers needing a helping hand to look young and fit at job interviews.

The stretchy bodyshaping brief has a built-in elastic sling to lift and perk up a sagging backside by up to an inch.

It has been created by Andrew Christian, one of America’s leading underwear designers. “From the outside the Flashback looks like normal underwear. But on the inside it has hidden strapping that lifts and supports the buttocks. It is a bit like a push-up bra for women, but without the padding,” TimesOnline quoted said Christian, as saying. “Instead of a lot of work at the gym, it’s much easier to just buy a product that gives you the look of a bubble butt,” he added.

The rise in sales of men’s pants is outstripping that of women’s lingerie in Britain’s 3.3 billion pounds underwear market, even though women still spend three times as much as men each year.

Advertisers are borrowing from the tactics they used so successfully with the

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