Dec 16, 2008

Mktg - Ghajini makeover sweeps Mumbai cinemas

Film actor Aamir Khan has always stood apart from the rest of Bollywood and it’s no different with the promotion of his new film, Ghajini, which will be released on December 25.

Apart from the promotional videos about his “eight-pack abs”, which are doing the rounds of the news channels, Khan has tied up with multiplexes in Mumbai to promote Ghajini in a unique way. Recently, he announced a large-scale deal with Big Cinemas, the multiplex chain of the Reliance ADA Group. Under the deal, 105 Big Cinema employees have volunteered to sport the trademark Ghajini haircut, says a Big Cinema spokesperson. These include administrative and refreshment counter staff and ushers.

The promotion started on December 9 and will continue till December 25, or until the employees' hair grows back!

In addition, a life-size statue of Khan's character in Ghajini has been placed in several Big Cinemas all over India.

“The film's theme and Aamir's look have captured the public imagination and we are no exception, except that we have taken the inspiration to a whole new level,” says Tushar Dhingra, chief operating officer, Big Cinemas, in a press statement.

Khan's promotional team has entered into similar partnerships with PVR Cinemas and Cinemax, though Big Cinemas claims that it has the largest participation from its employees. The multiplex chain has seven cinema halls in Mumbai and 400 screens across India.

According to media reports, Khan plans to launch an interactive website for Ghajini, which will sport exclusive videos from the film and enable users to interact with him.

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