Dec 18, 2008

Tech - Perfect female robot not designed for sex, says inventor

Washington, Dec 16 (ANI): The Canadian inventor, who created the lifesize female robot 'Aiko' and dubbed it his 'perfect woman', insists that he didn't design it for sexual purposes, but it was one possible use of the technology.

Aiko, a female android, can speak English and Japanese and is designed with a touch-sensitive face and body so she reacts in a natural way if she is shown affection or hurt.

Le Trung's from Toronto, Canada insists that he didn't design Aiko for sexual purposes, but it was one possible use.

"In theory, yes it's capable of that and whether people want to use it like that, it's up to them," News.Com.Au quoted him as saying.

"I designed Aiko to be as human as possible, that's why I designed it like that," he added.

Trung is confident that in the future every household would have such life lifelike robots.

"Right now people see robots as if they're just like in the movies," he said.

"So when they see films like I Robot it makes them scared robots might take over the world or cause a lot of job loss.

"My android wasn't designed like that. It was designed to interact with people.

"In the future everybody will have one in their house - but now people aren't used to it yet," he added.

Trung said that Aiko's software - dubbed Biometric Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System, or BRAINS - using C# and Basic and hopes to license the system to other robot developers in the future. (ANI)

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