Dec 10, 2008

World - 30,000 missing boobs on Oz high seas land up in Melbourne dock!

Melbourne, Dec 10 (ANI): Over 100,000 pairs of inflatable breasts that were intended for an Australian men's magazine promotion have been found in Melbourne.

A Ralph magazine spokeswoman said that the shipment of plastic boobs was missing since more than a week after Chinese officials lost the paperwork and put them on the wrong boat.

While the shipment was to reach Sydney in last week, but it actually turned up at a Melbourne dock, where they have been sitting for a week.

And now, workers have been frantically working to put them in bags so that they could make it to go out with the December 15 issue.

According to Ralph editor Santi Pintado, the incident had cost the magazine 30,000 dollars.

"If we'd found them a day later, it'd have been too late to get them on the next issue. You'd think the Chinese economy was in enough trouble without misplacing 130,000 pairs of boobs," quoted Pintado as saying.

And it's expected that the magazine would break the Guinness world record for the most boobs given away at one time. (ANI)

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Anonymous said...

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