Dec 29, 2008

World - Pakistanis turn to 'Quranic' SMS to end tensions with India

Islamabad, Dec 28 (ANI): People have come up with a unique way to blunt tensions between Pakistan and India - they're forwarding each other Quranic verses via Short Messaging Service (SMS).

In a bid to avert the constant threat of war, people are sending each other verses with the request that they say them aloud to prevent war.

Due to the constant exercise, SMS traffic has increased significantly, reports the Daily Times.

However, some people are still skeptical of the activity and have termed the SMS chains a ploy by mobile service providers to increase their revenue.

But, religious scholars are very much positive about the SMS activity.

They say that it is very important for people to recite Quranic verse, as God has sent them for the protection and safety of the people. (ANI)

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