Dec 29, 2008

World - Pakistan;Taliban enforce Sharia across tribal region

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Taliban have announced that they will enforce Sharia or Islamic law across the northwestern Aurakzai tribal region and
banned women from visiting markets.

The Taliban recently announced the enforcement of Sharia in the lower regions of Aurakzai Agency, almost a week after similar measures were imposed in upper parts of the semi-autonomous region.

The militants are using loudspeakers in mosques to announce their decree and are asking people to bring their problems to “Taliban Islamic courts”, which have been set up in Mashti Meela and Feroze Khel. These problems will be resolved according to Islamic law, the Daily Times reported.

The Taliban have banned women from visiting markets and imposed a complete ban on TVs, CDs and video centres in Aurakzai Agency. Women can visit markets for medical treatment but only if they are accompanied by a male elder.

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