Jan 8, 2009

Business - Electronics industry trio launches US gadget recycling program

LAS VEGAS (AFP) – Consumer electronics titans Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba on Wednesday announced a program to recycle the televisions and other gadgets they sell in the United States.

The global firms on January 15 will begin using an Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management (MRM) network of 280 locations as collection centers for their products.

MRM is a joint venture that Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba launched in 2007 and is now coming to fruition.

"We continuously seek ways to reduce impact on the environment," said Sharp chief executive Doug Koshima.

"Together, we have created an electronics recycling program that achieves the dual objectives of being easy and convenient for consumers, while offering the industry a path to efficient, environmentally sound recycling."

MRM will have at least one recycling center in each US state and intends to expand to at least 800 drop-off points. A list of recycle spots is available online at MRMrecycling.com.

"With the establishment of the nationwide recycling program, one of most comprehensive in the industry, we have proven that collaborative effort is the most effective way to provide consumers with convenient recycling opportunities," said MRM president David Thompson.

The companies announced the recycling program on the eve of the start of a premier Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at which some 2,700 gadget makers will tout their innovations.

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