Jan 6, 2009

Mktg - Dunkin' Debuts 'Kin' Do' Spirit

Kenneth Hein, Brandweek

NEW YORK Looking to add a positive spin to some tough times, Dunkin' Donuts today launched its new "You kin' do it" ad campaign. The chain, which is continuing its expansion West of the Mississippi, has pledged in excess of $100 million to promote its new motivational messaging.

The ads, created by Hill, Holiday, Boston, celebrate people's everyday accomplishments with messaging like "you kin' shovel out that driveway" and "you kin' pass that exam." The tagline "America runs on Dunkin'" continues.

Dunkin', which has 7,900 units globally, was predominantly an East Coast chain. It opened 500 stores last year in states like Arizona and Nevada and is continuing to grow in 2009.

"They are on an expansion path," said Ron Paul, president of Technomic, Chicago. "As you grow the revenue and franchisees contribute to the advertising pot, you have to spend the money."

The campaign will cover TV, radio, print, outdoor, online, in-store, special events and sports marketing. "With the automotive and financial categories suffering, $100 million buys you a lot better opportunities than it used to," said Paul.

What's more, Dunkin's lower price point allows it to take advantage of the vulnerable category leader Starbucks, he said. "Plus with McDonald's hyping the coffee category, they see a good opportunity."

Dunkin' Donuts brand marketing officer Frances Allen said in a statement, "'You kin' do it' shines the spotlight on the accomplishments of hardworking Americans, while reinforcing that Dunkin Donuts will continue to fuel their busy day and provide a bit of happiness without blowing the lid off their budget."

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