Aug 8, 2008

Entertainment - Short format shows better

MUMBAI: With an incremental rise in the number of television channels from 157 in 2004 to 447 in 2008 and with the number of multi-television homes going up by 16 per cent, the only way to capture more eyeballs is by developing content that is short in format, entertaining, has a global understanding and bears a universal appeal, said Lintas Media Group chairman and CEO Lynn de Souza at the Media Review 2007-08 organised by the Advertising Club, Bombay on 6 August.

To support her point, de Souza cited the example of the DLF-sponsored Indian Premier League, which was an amalgamation of all these four elements. She said that the IPL not only exhibited a short format but also excelled in engaging eyeballs by associating with celebrities.

“The DLF IPL has left a remarkable impression on this year’s action on TV and confirms to the fact that the content formats need to undergo a sea change in order to create more opportunities for advertisers. The short format league definitely had a universal appeal as it helped many brands reach their target consumers through various touch points,” explained de Souza.

de Souza said that even though the number of channels has increased by 12 per cent, there has been no rise in viewership and this is because content has remained almost the same across all channels.

“From 157 TV channels in 2004, now we are at 447. However, even with this amplification, the viewership percentage has remained the same. For example, in 2004, while at least a group of 8 channels enjoyed 41 per cent viewership, that number remains the same in 2008. Also, the market share of eight channels taken together, which was 2 per cent in 2004, has dropped to 1 per cent,” stated de Souza.

“This is a sign that confirms that there is an urgent requirement of format change and the tremendous success of DLF IPL only suggests that opportunity lies in short formats encapsulated with entertainment and international appeal,” she added.

Talking about radio, Lynn said that with 260 FM stations across 93 towns and cities, there is a tremendous opportunity for advertisers in the radio industry as well.

“The radio industry has added 7.2million listeners in the last one year. While the advertising seconds have doubled, the advertising revenue has gone up three times. Thus I believe apart from short format shows, there is also a huge opportunity lying in the radio industry,” said de Souza.

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