Sep 25, 2008

Entertainment - David Blaine completes 60 hour batman stunt

NEW YORK: US magician David Blaine successfully completed late on Wednesday his latest stunt of hanging upside down for 60 hours over New York's Central Park. Blaine had been hanging from a rope 14 metres above the ground since Monday. He ended his "feat of endurance" with a leap to the ground in a live TV show called Dive of Death. Blaine made many interruptions to his batman stunt to drink, urinate and be examined by doctors. One doctor confirmed to New York's NY1 channel that Blaine's blood pressure was fine and all his internal organs were functioning normally. Blaine said shortly before the end of the stunt that it became easier over time and that his body got used to the strange position. The controversial performer is perhaps best known for his 2003 stunt, when he was suspended in a perspex cube over London for 44 days without food. He lost 30 km during the stunt and had to be treated for malnutrition at a London hospital.

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