Sep 25, 2008

Tech - Multi function Cell Phone

TOKYO: A new Japanese mobile phone will automatically unlock the doors of its owners’ cars and let drivers start their engines without using an ignition key.
The phone, built by Sharp, uses a technology previously developed by Nissan Motor called ‘Intelligent Key’ that allows drivers enter and start their cars without removing their keys from their pockets or bags.
Cars equipped with the system sense when the correct key is nearby, automatically unlocking their car doors, and allow the engine to be started once the key is brought inside the car.
The new twist on this technology is that it is loaded in a phone. The service will work on the mobile network operated by NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest mobile operator.
The companies said in a joint press release on Wednesday that they will display the technology next week at CEATEC, a major technology conference in Tokyo and aim to bring the phone to market sometime after March 2009. — AP

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