Oct 31, 2008

World - UN votes to lift curbs on Cuba

United Nations: Friends and foes of the United States joined with full force in the United Nations General Assembly to denounce Washington for continuing to defy world opinion and asked it to lift the 46-year economic embargo against Cuba.

For the 17th consecutive year, the 192-member Assembly urged the U.S. to lift its economic, commercial and financial embargo, but it will have little impact on the Bush administration, which is again expected to ignore it.

As many as 185 members, including EU states, voted for the resolution. It was opposed by the U.S., Israel and Palau. Micronesia and Marshall Islands abstained. Last year’s resolution was carried by 184 votes to four.

India was among the states that asked the U.S. to lift the sanctions. Intervening in the debate, Indian delegate Rajeev Shukla criticised the American domestic laws which prohibit foreign companies and foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies from doing business with Cuba.

Unlike Security Council resolutions, the ones adopted by the Assembly are not enforceable and are recommendatory in nature. — PTI

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