Nov 1, 2008

Entertainment - India;Farhan Akhtar to host TV show

If you happen to switch on the TV anytime of the day or night, chances are bright that, you will be treated with is some sort of a 'reality' show, wherein all that the judges do is fighting and quarrelling much for the TRPs! Well, in such a television scenario, NDTV Imagine has come up with a show called 'Oye... It's Friday', which truly promises to be one of its kind.

The show will consist of one hour of sheer cutting edge humour, dazzling performances; news making guests etc... And to host the show, the channel has roped in none other than the 'Rocking' Director cum actor Farhan Akhtar, who, about his association with the show, said, "This show is something I want to watch... it has no rules and no boundaries... and its only aim is to entertain. I've done a lot of different things in my life and career and the reason I want to be a part of 'Oye... Its Friday' is because it is so excitingly unconventional.

There will be other celebrities hosts too who will switch and swap over the course of the series! If the pre-show hysteria is anything to go by, then, it only becomes needles to say that Fridays will just not be the same again! What say Farhan!

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