Jan 15, 2009

Entertainment - Miley Cyrus to debut new music video

January 14, 2009, (Sawf News) - Miley Cyrus will debut the first music video from her upcoming big-screen debut, Hannah Montana - The Movie on the Disney Channel next week.

The video for the song, Let's Get Crazy, will debut along with the official trailer of Hannah Montana - The Movie.

Miley herself will introduce the video before the telecast of 'Kids' Inaugural: We Are The Future' concert to celebrate the inauguration of the Obama administration at the Verizon Center on Monday, January 19. The Disney Channel will broadcast from the event, starting at 8 p.m. ET.

Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato are among the entertainers at that show.

A sneak peak video of Hannah Montana - The Movie was released earlier this month.

Hannah Montana - The Movie is an adaptation of the popular Disney Channel's TV series in which Miley's character leads a dual life; as an ordinary teenager by the day and a successful pop singer, Hannah Montana, by night. Miley is brunette while Hannah Montanna is blonde.

In the film, Miley's father, concerned by her success as Hannah Montana, persuades the teenager to return to her roots in her hometown Crowley Corners, to reflect about the things that really matter in her life.

After having had the best of both the worlds, Miley's character is forced to choose one.

The Peter Chelsom helmed film was shot on location in Miley's home state of Tennessee (Columbia, Nashville, Franklin High School) and California. It is due to be released on April 10.

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