Jan 16, 2009

Lifestyle - Talks that may trigger 'sex'

Monika Rawal

A prolonged foreplay, a sexy bedroom surprise, a scintillating candle lit dinner and out-of-the-box seduction techniques – couples use all the All it takes is a subtle conversation to trigger off a steamy sex session. (Getty Images)
above methods to woo their partner in bed.

But very few couples know that sometimes all it takes is a subtle conversation to trigger off a steamy sex session. Conversations that lead to sex act are like potent launching platforms that work towards altering your partner's mindset to match yours. If executed correctly, your partner will want to finish the discussion soon and move on towards getting more physically intimate.

You may wonder how simple conversational topics with your partner can stimulate your senses for an intimate session, but one must remember that a wholesome sexual experience is about a physiological trigger, rather than a physical trigger.

Conversing about subjects like pornography, virginity, sexual preferences, sexual fantasies, sex positions and aphrodisiacs help build the pleasure mood.

Dr. Avdesh Sharma, a clinical psychiatrist explains, "Most human beings react emotionally while talking to others. Only a few behave logically. Since most sexual conversation topics bear hidden double meanings, they evoke our sexual senses and leave us feeling gently aroused. Moreover, it's not only the subject of conversation, but also the tone, voice and body language of the person that gives subconscious signals that aid in creating a sexual mood."

Dr. Aruna Bruta, a psychologist adds, "While having a normal conversation, there is a tendency that you make a caring statement and that certainly triggers a feeling of affiliation, which in turn makes a slow yet sure way towards a fulfilling sexual experience. Surprisingly even the most serious topics related to sexual preferences like virginity and pornography can create an atmosphere congenial for being intimate."

Here are a few conversations that may push your libido and get you going for action in bed.

Fantasy forum : Everyone nurses unique fantasies, tastes and preferences when it comes to sex. From playing with your partner's earlobes to caressing their ankles, hairline and hips to indulging in your fetishes and wild sexual kinks, let these topics become interesting topics to share with your beau sans any inhibitions.

Dr. Amita Mishra, a sex and relationship expert feels, "Once a couple starts sharing their sexual fantasies candidly with each other, it is likely to generate a significant amount of curiosity in both of them and they will naturally wish to try the things which they've just spoke about. Also, once you know about your partner's special turn-ons, you can make the most of them in bed."

Poke at porn : Though watching porn is a sure shot and a commonly known foreplay technique, discussing intimate details of a popular porn flick or talking about the latest cover of a porn magazine may also act as a turn-on.

"It completely depends on how you talk about 'porn' as a subject. The essence is candidness and forth-rightedness and not vulgarity. Also, if couples discuss a porn film and later compare their sexual act and partner's performance with what was shown in the movie, it will generate a lot of intimacy and naughtiness that is much needed in a sexual relationship," asserts Dr. Aruna.

Virginity vows : Moral talks are not enticing enough for couples, but they have a propensity to build the heat. Whether virginity is a virtue or a curse remains a debatable subject and if you get lucky enough to talk the issue out with your beau, you may just become willing to put your vows on the test by getting involved in a passion play.

Dr. Avdesh says, "Talking of virginity can lead to both emotional and physical intimacy and once the conversation is kicked off, it totally depends on the ambiance which will then make the mood conducive for sex. You may not feel aroused when you watch such a debate on television, but when you discuss it with your partner, there are chances that an aura gets created for you to get blissfully passionate."

Subtle seduction : Couples spend endless hours trying their luck to seduce their partners, but often they fail to strike the right moan zones. In such cases, it's important to realise that before implementing your seduction techniques, discuss them as verbal foreplay often gives you the much needed push towards the bedroom.

"It's good to let your partner know about the ways in which you like to get seduced. You may start off telling them which wooing techniques turn you on. As the conversation progresses, the couple will be charged up to slip between the sheets," adds Dr. Amita.

Aphrodisiac action : It may sound like a boring topic to discuss with your partner, but it's talking about favourite foods including aphrodisiacs like chocolates, strawberries and caviar may tempt your partner. Dr. Aruna, elucidates, "Talking about passion foods can heighten the feeling of sexiness. In the process of showing concern towards your partner's favourite foods, you make them feel nice, reassured and being taken care of and this comfort zone surely calls for some more intimacy."

Wicked and wild : It may not be on purpose, but the moment you get dirty in your talks and gestures, chances are that you will get carried away and end up making love.

Dr. Avdesh, states, "Though couples hesitate in talking dirty, such lewd talks act as prelude to an intimacy as they evoke sexuality in your partner. Initiating a conversation on these lines is like a beginning to get the other person interested and if he/she responds well, it can lead to greater sexual intimacy. So, it's similar to playing a game of words that automatically leads to sizzling between the sheets action."


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