Feb 6, 2009

Entertainment - Amitabh with Cameron Diaz?

Afsana Ahmed

Firoz Nadiadwala is the next Bollywood filmmaker to show a fascination for Hollywood. He’s got Rob Cohen, who made hit Hollywood films like Fast and The Furious, The Skulls, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and The Mummy 3, to direct his Rs 300 crore magnum opus Jewel of India. You may hold your breath... for the Feroze-Cohen combine is looking at signing either Al Pacino or Robert de Niro for this film, with glamour being lent by Monica Belluci, Eva Mendes or Cameron Diaz, and — yes, getting Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif to join this eclectic gang of superstars. Feroze, who has made slick hit comedies like Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri and Welcome, believes Jewel of India will generate huge business opportunities for Indian cinema. “It’s going to open up the market in a big way,” he said, “We have good content and talent in India and bringing in Western technology and expertise can boost our economy.” Cohen, who will be in Mumbai soon to discuss the film with Feroze and meet Bachchan, added, “In India, there are vast resources of untapped talent and many vibrant artistes not known to the West. My intention is to bridge the Hollywood-Bollywood gap in a mainstream fashion. I can’t wait to begin the film. Or for the day when Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pacino or Robert de Niro come together in one frame. It will mean the coming together of the fast and the furious.” Jewel of India is the story of a student who discovers a document that leads him to believe that the Kohinoor diamond in the Tower of London is not real and that the real diamond is somewhere in India or close by. “It will be a modern-day action film with Indian history woven into it to create an exciting treasure adventure,” revealed Feroze.

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