Feb 6, 2009

Mktg - Piyush Pandey on Ideas

Ideas are everywhere, they are omnipresent but it takes practice to develop an idea. Anybody can get a good idea but whether it’s a big idea is not
known. A good idea is like a diamond, which has to be polished continuously , to give it the right shine and to make it shine from every angle. When the idea goes out there, it should look its best, just like the diamond looks its best in the showroom and to make an idea the best is a challenge. When someone is suggesting an idea, hear it patiently and attentively — never confuse him or the idea he has maybe lost. Hear the idea as it is, nurture it and something that appeared like a good idea in the beginning with the right amount of polishing could become a big idea. Respect every idea, shape the idea, implement it and choose a way of expressing it in a way that shows it in the best light. It is very important to encourage people, because only when a person is unafraid to think of ideas will he dream big. If there is lack of encouragement, then young people may fear voicing their ideas and the fear of unknown may result in many ideas not seeing the light of day. When I was young I was encouraged to come up with ideas and as far as possible those ideas were kept intact. That motivated me to come up with more and better idea each time. The world is full of ideas, they are everywhere. I see a guy with a PSP on the road, it was an idea which has taken this form today; mobile phones, iPods, the internet are all big ideas. They probably started as a germ of an idea in somebody’s head, someone pursued it, improved upon it and now it is in front of us in its best form. If it wasn’t for ideas then life would have been the same over the centuries. We would still have been living like the people back in the 14th century. Atleast right now we have no fear of expressing our ideas, but people in the past would get killed or butchered for their ideas. There is no such fear now. I cannot point out a single favourite idea, I like so many of them. I am sitting in a car now, so I like Henry Ford and his idea of the car, when I am in a plane I like Wright Brothers’ idea of an airplane. Good ideas are everywhere, they just need to be spotted and polished to make it a great.

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